Why Valet Storage is the Best Storage

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Why Valet Storage is the Best Storage

Valet storage is a full-service storage solution that people usually opt for these days because of its convenience. Unlike traditional self-storage, you don’t have to leave your home at all. Your belongings will be safely stored in the warehouse facility because the storage company will be the one who pick up your items at your doorstep and have them delivered to the storage facility. Super convenient, Super Easy. Here are reasons why people are choosing valet storage solutions.

Cheapest Storage

When you rent a self-storage unit, you are given a few storage sizes to choose from, and each unit incurs a fixed rental rate. But what if you only require a small storage space for rent? It does not make financial sense to rent a whole storage unit to but only use a fraction of the area. Fortunately, this is not an issue with valet storage.

You only pay for the space you use, allowing you to store from a few boxes worth of items if required.

Households are not the only ones who need extra storage space because businesses also have storage problems that they want to solve fast. Valet storage offers a convenient solution for businesses that need quick storage space for important documents and seasonal items, such as back-to-school supplies, clothing sales, holiday items, etc. Valet storage is very cost-effective because you only have to spend for the space you take up, which makes it a considerable option for businesses who want to reduce costs, and at the same time, want safe and convenient storage for their inventory. 


Regardless of the items that you wish to place in your storage unit, there is no hiding the fact that you need to schedule a time to move your unused knick-knacks from your home to the storage facility. In contrast, valet storage allows you to skip the hassle of moving the items by yourself down to your storage unit.

EZ Storage offer professional pickup and drop-off services to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience. This means you can sit back and relax after you schedule the most convenient time for our friendly staff to deliver your items. Rest assured that our team values your belongings and will take extra precautions when handling and storing your items.

When is valet storage the better storage solution?

When it comes to affordability and convenience, valet storage is the winner! Furthermore, storage users can upsize or downsize depending on their storage requirements, thus catering to customers who wish to store their bulky items as well.

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