Storage Space Near Me

Storage Space Near Me in Singapore

Storage Space near me, is one of the most commonly searched term in Singapore when looking for storage space. It might be beneficial to have a storage space near you just so that it would be extremely easy to drop by and take your stuff out of your storage unit.

Whilst the convenience of putting your stuff near or able retrieve your storage items near your residential would be the best scenario. Many wouldn’t have thought that it could have been might easier to get a Storage Space whereby the location of storage space in Singapore don’t really matter? But how?

Door to Door Storage Services

Door to Door Storage Services may not be a household name as self access storage seem to be the only storage space that most people have known or heard of. With Door to Door Storage or Valet Storage in Singapore, the convenience of a one-stop pick up, store and delivery storage services are only provided by a small number of company.

So What is Door to Door Storage or Valet Storage?

This is a one-stop storage solution that provide professional moving team that cater to your pick up or move to storage solution. There’s no need to find a Storage Space Near Me anymore, as Door to Door Storage companies typically packages it in with the pick up and also delivery to your place when you require the items back or any retrieval in the midst of storage for renovation or for decluttering your cluttered space.

Move to Storage

Professional Movers will be provided to pick up your items and move to the storage facility

Storing Your Items

Upon reaching the storage space, the storage specialist will store your items in a safe manner.

Storage Delivery

Upon completion of your renovation or when you have moved to your new place, movers will move back your items.

No Need to Sweat - Storage Solution

With Door to Door Storage solution, there is no need to visit a self storage anymore. Forget about the need of liaising with multiple movers to have your items move, this is a full premium storage solution that provide you with a stress and sweat free scenario!

Free Moving Cartons & Wrapping of Furniture

An integrated Storage with Movers services usually provide more than moving moving and storage space. The package typically includes free moving cartons to pack all your loose and personal effects which you’d need to move and store it. In additional, all your furniture will be wrapped up in a promptly and safe manner by the professional team of storage specialist to avoid dust and dirt in the midst of moving and storage.

Affordable Storage and Movers solution - EZ Storage SG

Move to Storage, Storage & Deliver

No need to search for Storage Space Near Me!

EZ Storage is one of the best Door to Door and Valet Storage Provider in Singapore, providing more than just storage space. Our team of storage specialist who are professional trained in moving anything and anywhere. We are featured in many review site that boost our credibility of being the best storage space provider in Singapore

Let EZ Storage Bring the Storage to YOU!

Instead of liaising other movers to move your items to storage, EZ Storage provide professional movers to take your storage items to our storage space, and right after deliver your items to you. It is simple to sign up and also it is easy to terminate your storage subscription.

Month to Month Storage Payment

EZ Storage Singapore provide no agreement locked in period the likes of Self Storage which often lure consumer in with free rental for the first or second month and to charge a outrageous fee right after the free rental period. Our locked in minimum can be as little as 1 day and no minimum lock in period which you may leave or request for termination anytime.

Contact Us today, let us advise the storage space you need!

EZ Storage Singapore
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Jeanette FongJeanette Fong
07:14 28 Jun 22
It has been a wonderful experience engaging EZ storage for our moving needs. Customer service is excellent with prompt replies/updates and the movers are amazing too! Everything is done in such an efficient manner. Will highly recommend to anyone who needs storage needs! Exceptional service quality!! 👍👍👍
Ming SunMing Sun
08:41 20 Jun 22
Engaging EZ Storage for temporary storage of my furniture. Found that they are very prompt in assisting my queries and need. I am quite surprised that my furnitures came back without dust. 👍🏻 Good service and the cheapest among all.
Owaistian shayanOwaistian shayan
13:34 08 Jun 22
I would recommend EZ storage because firstly it is friendlier to the pocket as compare to other storage place this I would highly recommend them, the only downside is you’re not accessible to the area so this may work better for very short term storage as in my case I only need it for a month, Ben also tries to expedite my refund deposit as I need it quite urgently for use. Do give them a try
Mandy LiawMandy Liaw
04:24 31 May 22
I would have given 10 stars for their exceptional service if it's allowed. Ben has been super helpful to accommodate my unexpected error in my planning. He tried his best to make it work and it's no easy feat. The movers came and they are both exceptional and experienced too. Ben is always on the ball, and always responsive. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Eternally grateful for their help.
Shah HShah H
14:41 06 May 22
5 Star service from EZ Storage!!. Ben was always prompt in his replies and even took the trouble to accomodate our last minute requests. The whole process was smooth. Really appreciate it. Highly Recommended!
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