Storage Space in Singapore – One-Stop vs Self Storage

Storage Space in Singapore - One-stop vs Self Storage

Self storage and one-stop storage: What’s the difference?

There are many reasons why you may find yourself needing storage space. You could be downsizing, renovating, decluttering, or moving overseas. In most situation, you’ll likely have belongings that you value and want to keep but simply can’t take with you. Your next step will be to look for the best storage solutions to keep those belongings until you are able to use them again. As you begin to research about storage companies, you’ll most likely run into two options – traditional storage units vs self storage.

If you’re looking for storage, you may wonder if you should go with a one-stop service (full service provider) or a self-storage. Ultimately, the answer depends on what you want out of your storage term.

There are mainly 2 type of storage in Singapore – One-stop Storage (Collection/Storage/Delivery) vs Self Access Storage.

Here’s what you should know before you decide:

One-Stop Storage vs Self Storage

One-stop storage companies provides both moving and storage services whereas Self storage companies lease you a space within their storage facility.

How you have to ask yourself, what kind of storage space do you really need?
1. Accessibility – Do you need to access your items 24/7
2. Total Space Required – How much space do you need? Does the amount of space increase or decrease over time?

1. Accessibility to Storage

One-Stop Storage companies usually do not allow customers to access their storage facility unless there is an extremely valid reason to do so. On the other hand, Self Storage Facilities usually allow you to access their premises anytime 24/7.

2. Total Space Required

How much space do you need to keep your belongings? This will quickly determine the best storage option for you. 

Usually, most Self Storage Company do not cater to the exact amount of space you need as they are loaning you a locker or an area. This would also means that the storage space you bought might either be too big or too small. As such, the effective cost per square feet will be more expensive if you do not make full use of the space that you rented.

For Example, you are a e-commerce business owner who need 40 sqft of space: 

Self Storage in Singapore usually do not have the exact sizes that you require and the next available option will be to rent a 52 sqft storage room. In this scenario, the extra 12sqft of space that you do no require are still charged in your bills.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Storage

Summing up, the main advantage and disadvantage of using a Self-Storage will be as below.

Advantage: Disadvantage:
24/7 Self Access Storage No Right Size – Either too big or too small
Pretty Place with Lounge Expensive after Storage Promotion End*
  Need to arrange for your own Transport (more cost)

Self Storage Singapore vs One-Stop Storage Package

Why not consider One Stop Storage Package

When using EZ storage, you only have to pack and unpack once and your items are delivered to and from your home.

Disadvantage: Advantage:
No 24/7 Access to items Professional Movers and Storage

Cheaper in the long run (Fixed Cost)

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