60 SQFT Storage Space

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60 SQFT 
Storage Space

  • – Ambient Room Temperature
  • – No accessibility to storage space
  • – Valet Storage Option Available
  • – Aircon Storage Option Available
  • – Protective Wrapping of Furniture
  • – Professional Movers
  • – Dismantling / Assembling Services (10 Minutes)
  • – Free 15 Carton Boxes

Discover the ultimate storage solution with EZ Storage’s 60 sqft storage space. Say goodbye to cluttered living and work spaces with our secure, flexible, and accessible options. Whether you’re storing personal items or business equipment, our storage units ensure that your belongings are kept safe and easily accessible. Sign up today and experience the convenience of EZ Storage.

60 SQFT Storage Space How it Works?

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EZ Storage offers a hassle-free solution to all your storage needs with our door-to-door storage services. Our 60 sqft storage space provide ample storage space, eliminating the need for you to visit a self-storage facility. Our team will take care of everything, delivering the storage items straight to your door. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of self-storage and enjoy secure, flexible and easily accessible options for your belongings. Get in touch with us today to simplify your life with EZ Storage.

1. Make a Booking with us

Speak to our storage specialist and make a booking with us.

2. Move to Storage & Store

We will pick it up and store it safely into our storage facilities.

3. Deliver to Door

Fill up the termination form and deliver it to your door!

Standard Storage Plan
Valet Storage Services

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60 SQFT 
Storage Space

Storage Pricing: (60 SQFT)
– Storage from 60 SQFT $180
– Deposit 1 Month (Refundable within 1 month) $180
– One-time Admin fee $40
– Provision of Moving Services (to Storage) $200
– Return Trip (Out of Storage) $200

– Manpower & Vehicle
– Protective Wrapping of Furniture
– Dismantling/Reassembling of Furniture (10 Mins)
– Free 15 Carton Boxes

– Dismantling/Assembling of complex furniture e.g [Storage Bed/Loft Bed/Bunk Bed/Compartment Bed/Poster Bed/ Sliding Door Wardrobe, IKEA Furniture]
– Stairs Carry Or Long Pushing of items to truck where our truck can be parked.
– Heavy Items more than 70 KG, Additional surcharge will be necessary due to weight & manpower
– Condo Permit / Placement of Cheque / Admin Fee
(Do let us know if there are heavy items of more than 70KG)

– Additional fees will be charges for marble/stones tables/massage chairs/gym equipment/antique furniture
Additional charges applies for the above exclusion

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes we do, we are a full solution storage provider.
Whereby we pick up, Store it and then deliver it back to you!

A: As little as one (1) month only!
Storage are base on auto extension till termination request which you may stop it anytime!

A: Items will be stored in our storage facilities with an allocated space within the storage space.

A: Unfortunately we do not take photos but please rest assured that items will be safely stored.

A: We provide free carton boxes which will be on loan for 40 SQFT Storage plan and above; boxes are required to be return upon unpacking.

For additional material you may wish to purchase accordingly

A: Yes, as we are a month – to – month storage subscription, we will only collect 1 month of storage fee however if you wish to make advance payment you can always contact our sales line and we will be able to process the advance payment request

A: We are not a self access storage, storage space are not accessible. The good thing is we will provide the move in services and on top of that we will assist to store it into our storage space.

A: We’ve 24/7 round the clock CCTV & a building security guard.
Storage space are staff access only and with double industrial strong lock on the door!

A: As a matter of fact, we do not allow self drop off or self pick up.
We are a full services provider, so pick up have to be done by us!

A: Unfortunately we do not allow self deliver or self pick up of items.

A: We will only collect return trip (move out of storage) fee only upon confirmation of moving out.

You may simply fill up this form as follows if you wish to terminate the storage subscription:

A: Monthly Storage payment will have to be made 3 days before the due date, our finance department might drop you a reminder to do so. 
However, it will be customer’s responsibility to make payment diligently.

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Our 60 SQFT Storage Space in Conclusion

In conclusion, EZ Storage Singapore’s 60 sqft storage space can be the perfect fit for customers who need temporary storage space for their household items or small businesses that need extra space to store their inventory or equipment. This storage space provides ample space to store furniture, appliances, and other belongings while ensuring safety and security of the stored items. With EZ Storage Singapore, you can be assured that your items are stored in a safe, clean, and secure environment. Contact us today to learn more about our storage solutions.

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