Public Address with a Negative Review on Google Business by the Name of [Rashidah]


1. Move out of 10th March 2023

a. Items were move out on 10th March 2023, we’ve successfully handover the items with no-fuss. 

b. Customer signed the handover 

25th March 2023 (15 days after handover)

Miss Rashidah, contacted us 15 days (2 WEEKS) after the move out/handover and informed us there’s a crack on the TV even with additional packing, we gladly responded to look into it within 2-3mins 

27th March 2023

Miss Rashidah Contacted us again, and we gladly responded that we are looking into this matter , as we are having a discussion to have this resolve. 
This is also our first encounter with a broken TV, and even so after 15 days of handing over we are looking into this matter

28th March 2023

Our Sales consultant , Ben, dropped a call to Miss Rashidah, indicating that we will gladly out of goodwill to fix the TV Screen , benefit of a doubt even though it’s past 2 weeks since the TV has been handed over

While even so, our operation side have started to be in touched with her to pick up the tv/send her a replacement/sending a technician to inspect the TV.

With all goodwill, we decided to send down a TV for her but she rejected when our guys deliver the smart TV over.

6th April 2023

We’ve gotten the quote from LG to fix the TV Screen at $880 – $1200 SGD

Miss Rashidah have also contacted us and rush us to have it settle, we did.

10th April 2023

On 10th April 2023, Miss Rashidah decided to contact us indicating that they’ve took a walk at Harvey Norman outlet and the sales person who were eager to sell them a TV told them that the screen will spoilt within 3 months after fixing. While we’ve check with LG and other screen replacement company, this wouldn’t happen for replacement or original screen

Miss Rashidah demanded $1200.00 from us for a brand new TV

Our profit is less than $600, yet we agree to assist and go through to have this case amicably resolved.

Whilst we understand that certain situation are easy to be leveraged on, we’ve tried our best to resolve this case within our means. and we’ve advise Miss Rashidah to go ahead to make a Small Claim against us so we can better resolve this situation with a mediator .

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