How does Valet Storage Works in Singapore

Valet storage is one of the most connivence services in Singapore. So what does valet storage actually works?

Typically the most storage space in Singapore are what we called as a self storage facility, which allows you to access your storage space 24/7. While it may make sense to some user, most commonly than not, customers are actually paying a premium price for the “needs” to access to their items.

Self storage in Singapore are priced at a premium cost for their space with some as high as $5/sqft, while most would wonder “Do I really need the 24/7 access to pay for the high premium storage fee?” Little did most consumer realise that they might not even be accessing the items after their items has been stored.

So what are the storage space solution?

Instead of feeling the need to access the storage, why not allow us to store your items at a fairly reasonable rates with options for us to deliver the items back to you with a small fees. Forget about sweating, finding and carrying of your boxes within the hot and humid self access storage.

EZ Storage Singapore offer a one-stop
Pick up to storage and delivering services.

We offer a standard plan of bulk pick up and bulk delivery favouring those who are in need of a storage space in between moving houses or renovating. 

While that said, we do also provide Valet Services which we could store everything but yet pick up that specific box you urgently require at a small labour and vehicle fees while saving on the high premium storage fee that you are paying for the common self storage space.

How do Valet Storage Works in EZ Storage Singapore?

1. Provision of Storage Stickers

EZ Storage Valet Services - Storage Space Singapore

2. Paste it Onto The Boxes

3. Fill up a Simple Inventory Form

How do I get started to sign up for the Valet Storage?


Choose the right amount of space you require


Request for Valet Storage option with a small add-on fee per month


We will provide you with a inventory list to fill up with 50 Label Sticker to stick on the boxes

It's just as easy as that, and whenever you require the boxes drop us a request with the Numbering of box, Date & Address. We will then process it and schedule the delivery to your door step!


While it may seem easy to choose storage space online, it would be best to understand the pros and cons of every storage company in Singapore

So what are the Pro’s of using Valet Storage Services?
1. Affordability Pricing
2. Convenience
3. Flexibility of Storage Space

Valet storage services provided by EZ Storage Singapore offer a unique and convenient solution for those looking to store their items. Unlike traditional self-storage units, EZ Storage Singapore provides door-to-door pickup and delivery of items, making the storage process stress-free and easy.

Customers can choose from flexible storage plans that fit their budget, and rest assured that their items will be stored securely and professionally. Our team of storage specialists will manage your items with care, ensuring that they are kept safe and secure while in storage.

EZ Storage Singapore’s valet storage services are designed to be affordable and flexible, offering a much more convenient option compared to traditional self-storage units. With our valet storage services, customers can store their items without the need to worry about making multiple trips to a self-storage facility, or the hassle of transporting their items themselves.

In conclusion, EZ Storage Singapore’s valet storage services provide a unique and convenient solution for those looking to store their items. With our flexible storage plans, door-to-door pickup and delivery, and professional storage specialists, EZ Storage Singapore is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an affordable and hassle-free storage solution.

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