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Terms & Conditions - The Grand EZ Storage Singapore Adventure!

Welcome to the thrilling world of EZ Storage Singapore, where the magic of storage awaits you! These exciting terms and conditions, along with the fabulous Promotion Details, will guide your journey (collectively known as the “Terms”).


◉ To join the fantastic fun, you must be an existing customer of EZ Storage Singapore during the enchanting period from July 2023 – June 2024.
◉ Only marvelous residents of Singapore are eligible to participate.
◉ Our marvelous employees of EZ Storage and their immediate families, while awesome, cannot take part in this promotion.


◉ Our spellbinding promotion is sponsored and organized solely by the fabulous folks at EZ Storage Singapore, without any involvement from other magical affiliates.
◉ To cast your entry into the promotion spell, participants must follow the instructions detailed under <Promotion Mechanics>.
◉ Beware! Incomplete, indecipherable, or incorrect entries, as well as entries that violate the Terms of Usage or rules for entry, will be enchanted away and disqualified.
◉ Any entries received after the Closing Date will be lost in the mystical ether and disqualified as well.
◉The illustrious judges appointed by EZ Storage will perform a magical random selection to choose the winners (each charmingly referred to as a “Winner”). Their decision will be final, and we won’t entertain any communication via magical birds or owls. Posting photos or a long posting with details would stand an additional chance to win!

Promotion Amendments:

◉ We reserve the right to sprinkle a bit of magic and modify the Promotion rules and Terms before the Closing Date. If we do, we’ll cast a spell of notification on the Promotion Page and/or post. The new rules will apply to all entries, including those that have been previously submitted.

Questions & Enchanted Inquiries:

◉ If you have any queries about the promotion or need magical assistance, please direct your messages to the friendly Administrative Personnel of EZ Storage.

Collection & Redemption of Prizes:

◉ In the event that we can’t reach the chosen Winner within twenty-four (24) hours of our first magical attempt, we may summon an alternative winner at our sole discretion.
◉ Should we find reasonable grounds to believe that the initially selected winner has gone astray from these Terms, we may conjure up an Alternative Winner, using the same magical criteria as before.
◉ Prize Vouchers might come with additional magical conditions from the prize suppliers. Fear not! Details on collecting these marvelous Prize Vouchers will be revealed to the lucky winners at a later stage.

Wondrous Acceptance of Prizes:

◉ The Winners are expected to personally collect their prizes with a sprinkle of personal magic, as it is a condition for receiving their rewards.
◉ While we wish we could wave our wands and help you with the prize redemption, the responsibility lies solely with the Winners. Should any trouble arise, we, the mystical EZ Storage, won’t be held liable for any damages, losses, or unexpected transformations incurred.

Magical Indemnification:

◉ Participants, by embarking on this fantastical journey, agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless EZ Storage and the Suppliers of our enchanting prizes. This includes all associated divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, and agents (collectively known as the “Indemnified Parties”) from any claims or magical mishaps, related to:

– The participant’s submission, participation, or inability to participate in the promotion.
– Use of the participant’s submission (or any part thereof) by the Indemnified Parties.
– The participant’s compliance or failure to comply with the promotion rules, applicable laws, and regulations.
–  Any unauthorized use of the names, likenesses, voices, or other mystical properties of any person or entity.
– The participant’s violation of any warranties, representations, or covenants made in connection with the promotion.
– Acceptance and/or use of any Prize, with all its magical wonders.
– Any right or benefit granted by the participant to EZ Storage and/or the Affiliate Prize Supplier in connection with the promotion.
– The participant’s negligence, willful misconduct, or violation of any third party’s intellectual property, privacy, publicity, or other enchanted rights.

So, are you ready for this magnificent adventure
with EZ Storage? Let the magic begin!

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